Gokilam Arts

Gokilam Arts providing course on Drawing, from beginner to advanced! Drawing is the most sought after skill when it comes to any artistic job and the skill can be yours with our course.

Our course begins with the basics and take you through everything you need to know to start drawing like an expert. Next you’ll learn about the fundamentals of drawing and how to use them to create your own artwork. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals you’ll jump right in and start drawing still life’s which is vital if you want to become a skilled artist.

Our courses are packed with clear contents would help you to learn with more confident. We offer 100% fully responsive support through out the entire course.

- Kind Words from our Kids and Parents-

  • My drawing mam is good.I like colouring very much.
    - Saadhvi 6 Years
  • I love you Kokila Mam.You are the best mam in the world.You teach me nice.Even you teach me for my competition too.
    - Samritha 8 Years
  • She is kind.She is helpful.She helps in drawing.I love her very much.
    - Hanantika 8 Years
  • I like to draw and colouring.I really like drawing class a lot.I like my drawing teacher very much.
    - Achintya 7 years
  • My drawing mam is so kind and sweet. She teaches me so beautifully. She is also so funny. My drawing teacher gives respect to children. She also plays with me.She is really really fun but little strict but I like so much.
    - Soujas 7 Years
  • Gokila mam was a very kind and polite to me.If I do mistakes she won't scold she will make me understand my mistake. She draws very beautifully.I always love to learn from her.Now I am more confident in my drawing.
    - Harini 8 years
  • Gokila mam is very friendly with kids. My son who is 5 years old has picked up so well. She teach him basic of drawing and shading in interesting way. He has improved a lot and he always eagerly looks forward to for her class.
    - Meenu
  • Gokila mam has been teaching my two children's Soujas and Surabhi and my nephew Achintya for 6 months now. She is a very good teacher and she makes the children draw things that they enjoy. She teaches coloring very nicely also. She is very sweet to the children and they all like her very much.
    - Sharanya 8 Years